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Intermountain Healthcare Establishes New Informatics Research Center

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healthcare IT news The Intermountain Healthcare, based in Salt Lake City, is taking a progressive step in medical informatics as it opens and develops a new center to support its clinical information systems. The Intermountain Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research officially opened in Feb. 16 on the campus of Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Named after Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD, the center honors one of the industry’s recognized fathers of clinical computer systems. Beginning in 2005, Intermountain has collaborated with GE Healthcare to develop and implement the next generation clinical information system. More than a medical record, Intermountain’s system provides decision support as well as offering clinicians the ability to provide input on possible care options that have been proven to provide the best patient outcomes.

Intermountain’s Homer Warmer Center for Informatics Research will centralize 60 full-time healthcare IT positions, many of which are new positions created with the center. Within the next ten years, Intermountain expects to need an additional 100 informatics specialists.

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