Ziosoft And Intrahealth, A Step Forward In Greece

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Ziosoft, Inc., a major provider of high technology 3D-5D visualization and analysis software solutions for the Ziosofthealthcare market, mentioned that it has signed a distribution agreement with Intrahealth, a leading distributor of medical technology in Greece. The, Athens- based, Intrahealth is going to distribute software solutions from Ziosoft to several customers including radiologists, cardiologists and other imaging specialists across Greece. Bart Hendriks, managing director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Ziosoft, said "It is imperative for Ziosoft to partner with distributors who provide excellent customer care and service," he added "Intrahealth has an outstanding reputation within the Greek medical community. We are pleased to have these professionals join the Ziosoft team."

PhyZiodynamic solutions, from Ziosoft, provide high technology 3D to 5D non-compressed functional analysis. These solution offer help to clinicians for quicker identification of anatomical abnormalities and thus improve diagnosis. PhyZiodynamic solutions are featuring supercomputing algorithmic functionality which enhances their performance. Moreover, these solutions provide access, through a facility's enterprise, to high integrity data is. The upcoming results are supported by standardized protocols which helps yield appropriate, actionable outcomes. Among PhyZiodynamic approved solutions are those including cardiac function, calcium scoring, colonoscopy, and other anatomical structure analysis.

One the other hand, Spiros Papathanasiou, sales manager, Intrahealth, commented on the new agreement saying "The sophisticated Ziosoft software produces superb image quality allowing clinicians to quickly assess regions of interest," he added "The PhyZiodynamic technology provides measureable, reproducible clinical outcomes which can lead to greater diagnostic confidence more efficiently. We look forward to introducing this exciting technology throughout the country in support of state-of-the-art patient care." Intrahealth is major provider of a wide range of products, such as integrated medical IT solutions bundled with specialized technical support services. In addition to diagnostic imaging systems which feature high quality levels Moreover, Intrahealth offers picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), radiology information systems (RIS) and various other medical imaging systems to the healthcare market in Greece.

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