A new cooperation between Philips and Definiens

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Royal Philips Electronics and Definiens, a company based in Germany that produces image analysis solutions, philipsannounced that they signed a memorandum of understanding. Upon it, both companies will combine for development and marketing of clinical decision solutions for digital pathology.

Philips is depending on its experience in medical imaging and healthcare solutions, such as radiology Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), to provide to high-leveled integrated solutions for digital pathology. While Definiens offers accurate image analysis applications for revision of biomarkers and histological characters in tissue samples. The main combined project between Philips and Definiens will concentrate on immunohistology-based breast cancer diagnostics. This field includes the identification of biomarkers HER2, Estrogen Receptor (ER), Progesterone Receptor (PR), Ki67 and p53. Philips and Definiens also aim to check for solutions for other type of cancer such as prostate and colon cancers.

Bob van Gemen, General Manager of Philips Digital Pathology, commented saying "The memorandum of understanding with Definiens underpins Philips' objective of offering a full suite of image analysis tools that can be used in combination with mainstream histological staining techniques and procedures in pathology," he added "As a result of ageing societies, there will be many more sick people in the world that need to be accurately and efficiently diagnosed. I am convinced that the combined knowledge of Philips and Definiens will result in meaningful innovations in pathology to speed up procedures and help pathologists in their decision making."

On the other hand, Thomas Heydler, CEO of Definiens, said "We are very excited about this best-in-class alliance Definiensthat brings together Philips, a well known leader in medical imaging and image management systems, and Definiens, the world-wide leader in image intelligence," he added "This collaboration will play a major role in advancing health intelligence and contribute towards more accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment, which are two key hallmarks in the drive towards affordable and personalized healthcare."

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