A new application for radiologists from GE: Healthcare IT

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Healthcare IT: GE Healthcare announced that it has released an iPhone application for radiologists. The new application helps GEradiologists by offering them images and videos from GE Healthcare imaging systems. Currently, about a hundred images and videos coming from the OPTIMA450W MRI system are available, and the application will undergo periodical updates by adding images from other products including x-ray, ultrasound and PET systems.

"Radiologists, there is an iPhone app for you too!" says GE. The following also was said at the press release "There are times when you could only meet the radiologist at the hallway of the hospital for 30 seconds. Now with this application we can show them right there more than 100 clinical images and videos". The application also can be used by sales representatives to show images to radiologists to have an idea about imaging devices. Moreover, it is a marketing tool and it can be useful the next time when radiologists are shopping for a new MRI system for hospitals.

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