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Advanced Visualization Software for CT and MRI Now Available From ORS

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Medical software company Object Research Systems, Inc. (ORS) located in Montreal, QC, recently announced the availability of ORS Visual LITE (Free), advanced visualization software for CT and MRI imaging data.

The free software is available for any healthcare professional via download. Additionally, there is no charge for download or use.

"There is tremendous unrealized potential in medical imaging data. We deliver advanced visualization to any healthcare professional, not just the small number of radiologists using expensive software on high-end workstations ," stated Mark A. Mailloux, COO of ORS.

ORS Visual LITE (Free) is the only free advanced visualization software for CT and MRI imaging data that runs on virtually any modern Windows PC/laptop/notebook/tablet(html 5 version)not included in free version, that has received clearance and approval by the FDA, CE and Health Canada for clinical use in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

ORS Visual LITE (Free) is a fully-featured visualization application, not a demo, for any healthcare professional needing an easy-to-use means of viewing DICOM-compatible imaging data.

The software is useful for any healthcare professional, including specialists such as surgeons and cardiologists, primary care physicians, radiologists and radiologic technologists, physician's assistants, and clinical nurse specialists. Medical students and residents will find ORS Visual LITE highly valuable and informative when used for studying anatomy, identifying pathology, and reviewing cases.

Typical uses of ORS Visual LITE include an easy-to-use, viewer of images on CD or DVD, radiologist report verification, patient education, and procedure planning.

"We are offering this software for free because we believe that medical imaging data is critical in the context of healthcare improvements and because it is the fastest way to build a user community," said Mailloux.

ORS Visual LITE is a full-feature, Dicom viewer addressing 95% of the day-to-day imaging needs.

Therefore, addressing more complicated imaging needs can now be resolved when upgrading to the ORS Visual Pro paid version.

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