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Lesion Tracking and PET/CT/MR Supported in New Software Release by Convergent Imaging

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Convergent Imaging Solutions, a leader in workflow-optimized image fusion software, announced the release of UniSyn Image Fusion 3.1, an update to its widely used medical imaging software suite.

Providing wider viewing capabilities, UniSyn 3.1 features study comparison as a fully integrated component and allows up to four PET/CT or PET/MR datasets to be compared at the same time. The new release will also feature tools for automatically registering and saving standalone CT and MR series with present PET/CT studies.

"Quantified tracking of disease is an important part of the evaluation and treatment of cancer patients. Version 3.1 has significant improvements in study comparison and lesion quantification capability, in particular, using RECIST and PERCIST criteria. Combined with our intuitive and powerful user interface, and convenient deployment model, we are able to provide an industry leading solution for radiologists and oncologists,” said founder and CEO of Convergent Imaging Solutions, Mathew A. Thomas.

The new features will also be available to customers of Intelerad Medical Systems™, a Convergent partner who has integrated UniSyn as an Image Fusion module within its industry-leading distributed radiology solution.imaging ssytems software

"By leveraging UniSyn, Intelerad is able to provide an Image Fusion module built directly into IntelePACS. This provides clinicians in hospitals and specialty centers with the ability to compare patient PET/CT, SPECT/CT and PET/MR studies from any location and share results from one streamlined workflow,” said Chief Engineering Officer, Intelerad , Rick Rubin.

Furthermore, UniSyn 3.1 features a VPN free deployment model, that enables its users to download and install anywhere inside or outside the facility, and recover and view images from any internet accessible computer, without the trouble of setting up dedicated Virtual Private Networks.

Other features added to UniSyn include:

Simultaneous pan, zoom and stack and automatic registration of prior studies.

Save and restore of SUV and other volumetric and linear measurements.

Application of prior maximum SUV measurements to current study.

Auto-segmentation of PET and CT images for rapid determination of lesion volumes.

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