You are in PORTALS Digital Radiography Analogic receives iF Product Design Gold Award for its Flex Focus ultrasound device

Analogic receives iF Product Design Gold Award for its Flex Focus ultrasound device

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Analogic Corporation, a major company providing of medical imaging technology, mentioned that its mobile flex_focusultrasound scanner, Flex Focus, developed and produced by its BK Medical branch, has won an iF Product Design Gold Award for 2010.

The iF Product Design Award is one of the prestigious awards in the world. It has been awarded for nearly 56 years. It recognizes products with high-leveled design and quality. iF offices are located in several countries including Germany, Taiwan, Korea, and Brazil. An international jury of professionals revised 2,486 entries, coming from 39 countries, on basis of evaluation including product development, workmanship, materials chosen for it, creativity, and safety. 778 iF Products won the Design Award, moreover, the jury announced 50 products as winners of an extra iF Gold Award for being "best in competition,"

The iF Design jury commented on choosing the Flex Focus as a Gold Award winner saying that "This ultrasound iF_logodevice is extremely compact with a great interface layout. Basically, the entire device is nothing but a user interface, namely a control panel, which is a single piece covered with silicon, and a large, flat LCD screen, in portrait orientation to make the unit smaller. In the field of medical equipment, this product is simply brilliantly designed." The high-leveled design of the Flex Focus scanner improves its application, presenting it as a high-qualified mobile solution to meet ultrasound needs. Ultrasound professionals across the world are showing appreciation to the Flex Focus and its enhanced image quality since it was presented back in 2009.

"The Flex Focus scanner gives the medical community the features they want inside a sleek, ultramodern package. I am proud of the Flex Focus, its design achievement, and the fact that the Flex Focus can now carry the iF quality seal." said Michael Brock, president and CEO of BK Medical.

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