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CT Colonography Software Helps Trace Small Polyp Growth and Regression

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A new study put computed tomography colonography (CTC)  to use; as CTC is a software that helps trace and observe precancerous polyp growth in patients over time, which supplied crucial information and findings on the growth rate and regression of small polyps.ctc software colon

Viatronix, Inc. (Stony Brook, NY, USA) announced that its CTC software, the V3D-Colon, played a huge role in a major clinical study pertaining to colorectal cancer screening. The most recent CTC study, which was published online in June, 2013, in the journal Lancet Oncology, traced polyp growth and regression in 243 patients over a span of eight years.

As of now, there exists tenable evidence and supporting statistical material that verify colorectal polyp-volume growth over time is a distinctive and accurate marker for recognizing advanced adenomas in medical practice.

The advanced adenoma polyp is typically the main target in colorectal cancer screening; for when an advanced adenoma polyp is discovered and consequently taken away, the chances of colorectal cancer developing is considerably diminished.

“Viatronix is extremely proud to have been an integral part of such an important trial. The Viatronix platform has been the software of choice in several landmark clinical trials over the past10 years. V3D-Colon’s user-friendly interface, diagnostic tools and short read times backed by strong clinical validation make it the system of choice for leading experts,” said President and CEO of Viatronix, Zaffar Hayat.

Furthermore, the study also discovered supplementary data which showed that CTC is also extremely proficient for colon cancer screening. Screening CTC is currently compensated by many insurance carriers and coverage is authorized in approximately 30 States. At this present time, there is legislation in the US Congress for CMS/Medicare to cover the cost for this valuable colorectal cancer screening exam.

Viatronix is a manufacturer and distributor of noninvasive 2D/3D medical imaging and diagnostic software that permits doctors to interactively view vital organs and anatomic structures within the human body. The company’s V3D technology software solutions include Viatronix V3D-Colon, V3D-Calcium Scoring, V3D-Cardiac, V3D-Vascular, and V3D-Explorer.

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