GE healthcare and India, a new step forward

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GE Healthcare made a new step in India by announcement of its expansion of its Bangalore, India, manufacturing GEoperations. GE aims to serve the healthcare Indian market and customers by providing high-leveled and cost effective systems. GE Healthcare also presented its first Computed Tomography (CT) system manufactured in India, the HiSpeed Dual is a cost-effective CT system which is one of the best selling CT systems worldwide.

A lot of new hospitals and diagnostic centers are under construction in tier II and III towns all around India and are seeking affordable, dependable systems. Currently, 100% of the medical imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine devices are imported by customers in India since there is no local manufacturing of these systems in the country. As a result to this situation, GE Healthcare is committed to provide higher quality products carried out locally while being more affordable and accessible to Indian healthcare providers, especially those providers who need such technologies in tier II and III towns.

John Dineen, President & CEO, GE Healthcare said “Today, we are making a giant leap by manufacturing high-end imaging systems right here in India, making GE the first and only company manufacturing new CT imaging systems in India. In the past we have designed, developed and manufactured ultrasound, ECG, X-ray systems and many sub-systems in India. We are happy to lead this transformation of Made in India solutions for India and the world. It is possible only because we made an early start, invested in three world class manufacturing plants, and one of the biggest R&D centers in India. I am impressed by the progress we are making in India in conceiving new products that address local needs, while giving us solutions that can be taken to other emerging markets. Our aim is to make more such high-end systems in India for Indian customers, meeting their critical needs,"

GE's HiSpeed Dual CT system is developed to aid the healthcare community in India to increase productivity, with optimum patient flows and with high access to a large number of advanced clinical applications.

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