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Todd Stofka, The Sports Hypnotist, Thanks The American Cancer Society

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Philadelphia, PA -- Oct 15, 2012 / ( -- Todd Stofka, The Sports Hypnotist, thanks the American Cancer Society for having him as the Golf Performance Expert at last week's ACS sponsored Women's Golf Tournament at the Philmont Country Club in Huntington Valley, PA

Todd performed a half-hour hypnosis session for two groups of golfers designed to create focus and improve their golf games. When the scores were tallied, this tournament of golfers had some of the lowest scores ever.

As you know winning at the game of golf as Bobby Jones said is done, "on the 5 inch course between your ears." So, as a way to say thanks, for those who would like to get more control over the mental and emotional part of your game and to learn to play in the zone, Todd is offering a one-on-one introductory Sports Performance session to learn the peak performance secrets of Professional and Olympic athletes and improve your Game.

You can take advantage of this limited time offer, which is discounted by over 50% by contacting the Philly Hypnosis office at 877-557-7409. Click here for more information.

At Philly Hypnosis Performance we help top athletes and business executives win the mental game and to succeed by creating core confidence, the ability to release mistakes, focusing on the correct thought for the moment and a winning belief inside to produce "in the zone" results. We have helped hundreds turn up their game using The Stofka Method.

Todd Stofka and Pat Donohue are the top selling authors on the topic of Test Anxiety. Books can be found here:

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To book Todd now for interviews, speaking engagements, team or individual coaching, you can contact him at 877-557-7409

To find out more on solving golf anxiety, golfing yips, golfers first tee jitters, golf tournament confident play, and more sports performance psychology Click Here.

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