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Digital radiography news The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, has invested in the Sectra Visualization Table. Gothenburg thus becomes the second Swedish University in a short period of time to reinforce its medical training by acquiring Sectra’s visualization table. The visualization table at the University of Gothenburg will be used by students in anatomy classes as a complement to dissection exercises.

“Today our department has 240 students of medicine each year sharing three (3!) bodies for dissection and anatomy training through the full training period,” says, Professor Bengt R Johansson. “Bodies are difficult to find but also expensive to handle. Moreover, once dissection is started you can never study what the body would have looked like before starting the dissection. The visualization table makes a significant contribution to medical education, especially anatomy classes.”

The Sectra Visualization Table is a large, multi-touch medical display with software that facilitates interaction with 3D images of the human body created by modern computer tomography or magnetic resonance cameras. Students are able to intuitively zoom in, rotate or cut into the visualized body without using a scalpel or destroying the subject. This means that the same image can be used repeatedly, and the students are able to study the impact of various illnesses on the anatomy in a manner that was not possible in teaching in the past. The opportunity to interact with virtual bodies provides better understanding for the body’s anatomy and functions, which in turn will contribute to better educated medical personnel and thus higher efficiency and safety in healthcare in the long-term.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Torbjörn Kronander, President, Sectra Imtec AB, 46 705 23 52 27

Dr. Jan-Olof Brüer, CEO and President, Sectra AB, 46 13 23 52 09

Pictures: http://flickr.com/photos/sectramedicalsystems

Video: www.sectra.com/medical/visualization

Press room: www.sectra.com/medical/press

About Sectra

Sectra develops and sells IT systems and sevices for radiology, mammography and orthopaedics. More than 1,100 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers worldwide use the systems daily, together performing over 55 million radiology examinations annually. This makes Sectra one of the world-leading companies within systems for handling digital radiology images. In Scandinavia, Sectra is the market leader with more than 50% of all film-free installations. Sectra’s systems have been installed in North America, Scandinavia and most major countries in Europe and the Far East.

Sectra was founded in 1978 and has its roots in Linköping University in Sweden. The company’s business operation includes cutting-edge products and services within the niche segments of medical systems and secure communication systems. Sectra has offices in 12 countries and operates through partners worldwide. Sales in the 2010/2011 fiscal year totaled SEK 784 million. The Sectra share is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB exchange. For more information, visit www.sectra.com

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