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New Contrast Media from GE Healthcare Improves Imaging Using Lower Doses

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Digital radiography news GE Healthcare’s Medical Diagnostics business (MDx) has recently released the results of a study discussing the possibility of lower iodine concentration in abdominal CT scans. The study indicated that techniques like ASiRTM and VeoTM, and other advanced CT reconstruction techniques, when combined with VisipaqueTM , the isosmolar contrast agent, result in improved contrast enhancement. This enhancement is better that that achieved with iomeprol when both substances are administered at the same dose and rate.

It was noted that using isosmolar contrast agent, which means less iodine dose and lower radiation the image quality was not affected. The study was conducted by a team led by Dr. Jean-Louis Sablayrolles, Chief of the CT and MRI Department, Centre Cardiologique du Nord, St. Denis, France. The results of the study were discussed at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2012, which took place earlier this month.

Contrast media with high iodine concentrations, along with radiation exposure accompanied with contrast-enhanced (CE) CT scans, can affect patients with cardiac or renal disorders. Dr. Sablayrolles explained the benefits of the new approach evaluated in the study. He said “these types of protocols with low energy CT techniques which use a lower concentration of contrast could potentially help physicians in the future, enabling them to reduce both radiation exposure and the risk of cardio-renal related events, particularly in the more vulnerable population. Such improved contrast enhancement at low iodine concentration and/or lower radiation dose represents a clear opportunity to improve patient care in CT.”

Clemens Kaiser, General Manager, Contrast Media, GE Healthcare, and Medical Diagnostics, said “The ability to reduce iodine concentration and radiation with our low dose CT technologies and isosmolar contrast agent, Visipaque, is just one of the many promising improvements for radiology patients. GE Healthcare is committed to continuing research in lowering iodine concentration in contrast media and radiation dose to improve patient care during diagnosis and treatment,”

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