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BMI The Kings Oak and Cavell Hospitals Welcome Delivery of Cutting Edge MRI Scanner

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Digital radiography news David Henderson, Executive Director of BMI The Kings Oak and Cavell Hospitals has this month welcomed the delivery of a new state of the art MRI scanner. The new equipment, a GE Optima MR450w open bore MRI scanner, will form the center piece of the hospital’s new £1.7million imaging department and will create six new jobs in the local Enfield community.

The MRI scanner, which weighs the same as a double-decker bus, was crane-lifted into its final position on 18 January. The scanner will allow clinicians at the hospital to significantly expand the range of diagnostic services available to the local community. Speaking on the importance of the new scanner and imaging department Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Tom Crake commented, “The new MRI scanner will enhance the diagnostic imaging services provided by the hospital, offering patients access to state-of-the art scanning, faster, higher quality images and results’. The new scanner will also improve the cardiac, spinal, neurological, musculo-skeletal, orthopaedic, vascular, urological, abdominal and breast imaging services available at the hospital. This will allow clinicians from a range of specialties to offer a wider selection of routine and more complex MRI procedures to their patients.”

Unlike conventional MRI scanners, the open bore scanner does not require the patient’s whole body to be inside the machine. For most examinations, the patient’s head will remain outside the scanner. If it is necessary for the head to be positioned inside, the open bore scanner provides 30cm of space above their face, about twice that of a traditional MRI scanner. Aside from reducing patients’ anxiety this new technology allows the hospital to accommodate needs such as:

  •     Pain and mobility issues
  •     Claustrophobia
  •     Respiratory problems

As the scanner has a wider circumference, it can also accommodate larger patients who might otherwise not be able to receive appropriate treatment. Nasser Hussain, Imaging Manager at The Kings Oak and Cavell Hospitals, said: “We are all very excited about the delivery of this new state of the art piece of equipment and very much look forward to the opening of the new department later this year. The investment being made at the hospital will improve the pathway of patients at the hospital reducing any anxiety by dramatically speeding up the time between consultation, scan and diagnosis.”

The investment into new equipment at The Kings Oak and Cavell Hospitals has been made possible through a partnership between the hospitals’ parent company, BMI Healthcare, and Alliance Medical Ltd. As part of BMI Healthcare’s partnership with Alliance Medical, the hospitals will also welcome the installation of the latest GE Optima 660 64 slice CT scanner. David Loasby, Business Development Director at Alliance Medical, said: “Both the MRI and CT scanners will sit alongside the hospitals recently upgraded Siemens Multix Top X-ray and fully equipped ultrasound and mammography departments to create a centre of diagnostic excellence in Enfield. The MRI and CT scanners will undergo installation and final preparation before the new unit is open and able to welcome its first patients in the spring of 2012.”

Executive Director David Henderson at BMI The Kings Oak and Cavell Hospitals commented: “The delivery of the new MRI and CT scanners is the final part of our upgrade programme before we are able to officially open our new imaging department later this year. All the consultants, nurses and staff at the hospital are delighted with the benefits that these new pieces of equipment will bring to the local community and our patients and we look forward to welcoming our first patients to the new diagnostic unit.”

For further information contact:

Richard Morgan

Senior PR Executive

07590 418 514

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About Alliance Medical Limited:

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  •     Alliance Medical currently provides over 120 medical imaging services to the NHS and has developed services in partnership with local NHS Trusts to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

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