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White Children Receive more Head CT Scans than Blacks and Hispanics, Study

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Digital radiography news According to a new study, white children across the United States are more likely to receive CT scans after minor head injuries. Black and Hispanic children have fewer chances for undergoing CT scans in the same condition. The study was discussed at a recent American Academy of Pediatrics meeting that took place in Boston.

The study involved reviewing cases of around 40,000 children. All had head injuries and were treated at pediatric emergency care trauma facilities. It was found that almost 35% of these children had a cranial CT scan. The research team said that white children at low risk following head traumas were more likely to undergo head CT scans, more than their black or Hispanic counterparts.

Dr. Alexander Rogers, one of the research team in the study, said "Our study demonstrates that among children with minor head trauma, but at low risk for clinically important brain injury, white children received cranial CT scans more frequently than black or Hispanic children," He continued "In this low-risk population, higher rates of cranial CT may represent overuse in white children, leading to increased radiation exposure and healthcare costs."

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