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Siemens Introduces Luminos Agile, its First Under-table X-ray System

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Digital radiography news Siemens Healthcare, a leading provider of medical imaging systems, has recently introduced its Luminos Agile. The latter is the companyís first under-table X-ray system, which also features a flexible table with adjustable height.

Siemensí Luminos now offers new options for patients how have mobility problems. It will be easier for them to get on the table to go on with the imaging procedure. Meanwhile, imaging procedures will be easier with the new system thanks to its innovative features. For instance, a single image can capture the entire abdominal area. The height of Luminos Agile's examination table can be reduced to 65 cm. Such feature is helpful of geriatric patients, children and those with mobility problems. In addition, the height of the table can be raised to reach 112 cm.

Other features in the Luminos Agile include a 43 x 43-centimeter dynamic flat detector. The latter offers images that are up to 116% than those of a traditional 33-cm image intensifier. This feature means a wider coverage of anatomical regions. Moreover, Luminos Agile can be integrated with Siemens CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) dose reduction program. This program aims to conduct medical imaging procedures with less radiation exposure while sparing the image quality.

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