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India approves the use of GE's Vscan pocket size ultrasound in market

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GE healthcare is about to launch a new pocket size ultrasound device in market. The new device named Vscan, is cleared to enter the market in several countries including US, Canada, EU and India.Vscan

GE' s Vscan  will join several products recently entered the healthcare market to provide point-of -care imaging solutions to physicians.

GE described Vscan as “a prescription device for ultrasound imaging, measurement and analysis in the clinical applications of abdominal; cardiac; urological, fetal/OB; pediatric; and thoracic/pleural motion and fluid detection, as well as for patient examination in primary care and in special care areas.”

Vscan is offering ultrasound imaging in a small device, similar to the size of a large cell phone. It has been already tested by several physicians, among them, Anthony N. DeMaria, MD, professor of medicine at the Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Dr.DeMaria commented "Having Vscan at my disposal at all times has allowed me to use ultrasound in a number of settings and with patients that I wouldn’t have anticipated before – from the ICU, to the outpatient clinic as well as with ambulatory patients.”

About GE healthcare:GE

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