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To Reduce Wait Times: A New MRI System in Humber River Regional Hospital

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Digital radiography newsThe Church Street Site of Humber River Regional Hospital, Weston, Ontario, has recently improved its diagnostic imaging services following the implementation of a new MRI system in the facility.

The new MRI unit is the second for Humber River Regional Hospital. It is going to permit the hospital to perform more than 3000 scans annually. The new system was added to the facility aiming to reduce waiting time for patients who are in need of an MRI scan.

Moreover, River Regional Hospital is going to get an immediate one-time investment of $235,600 to aid the facility in performing about 1400 other MRI scans using the currently used unit. The implementation of the new MRI system represents a part of the Open Ontario Plan, carried out by the government, to improve the access to healthcare for patients.

Laura Albanese, M.P.P. York South-Weston, commented "Thanks to this new MRI machine, thousands of patients will now have more access to this much needed diagnostic service closer to home. For so many, a new MRI will not only mean less waiting, but also getting the right treatment started sooner."

Rueben Devlin, President & CEO, Humber River Regional Hospital, agreed that the new MRI will significantly aid the patients in the area, saying that "The new MRI and expanded service provides better care for our community today, and complements our technology plans for our new hospital."

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