MRI Services will be Improved at Brampton Civic Hospital

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digital radiography newsQueen’s Park announced that access to important MRI diagnostic scans will be improved at Brampton Civic Hospital due to a one-time cash investment declared by the government Friday (Jan. 21).

“This investment in our community will make it easier for people who need an MRI scan to get tested and treated more quickly, thereby providing families with the peace of mind knowing the care they need is close to home,” said Brampton-Springdale MPP Linda Jeffrey of the $235,000 cash injection. Jeffrey said the money is intended to increase the hours of operation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners at Brampton Civic. This investment means an additional 1,356 scans will be conducted at the hospital, according to Queen’s Park.

Jeffrey noted that these additional scans, together with the resulting reduced wait times, will make it easier for people who need an MRI to get tested and treated quicker.

This funding announced for Brampton Civic Hospital is part of a larger investment by the Ontario Government aimed to increase access to MRI scans at 21 hospitals across the province. Brampton Civic Hospital currently has three MRI scanners. During the 2009-2010 timeframe, Brampton Civic provided more than 22,000 MRI scans.

Matthew Anderson, William Osler Health System president and CEO, said: “MRI scanners are critical to the early diagnosis and treatment of people with many types of illnesses, injuries and conditions. This additional funding will improve access to MRI scans, and result in shorter wait times.”

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