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digital radiography news

Lexington Memorial Hospital announced that it has become one of the pioneer hospitals in the country to install a new “smart” computed tomography (CT) scanner from Siemens Healthcare.

The new Siemens Healthcare scanner becames available to patients last week, and enables almost any type of exam while reducing radiation exposure by ensuring the correct radiation dose for each patient.

Johnny Veal, vice president of patient care services for the hospital, said: “We have advanced from a 16-slice to a 128-slice scanner that gives us a level of capability for CT scanning that we have never had before.” The scanner will allow the hospital to perform scans including vessel imaging, cardiac tests and cancer staging, and allows for more of the patient’s body to be scanned in less time and with more clear and accurate images, according to the hospital.

The closest facility with similar technology is UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. Lexington Memorial Hospital is a 94-bed facility in Davidson County that is part of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

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