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Annual Lung CT Screening Is Essential To Decrease Mortality From Lung Cancer, Study.

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digital radiography newsThe result of the pivotal U.S. government sponsored randomized controlled trial regarding the importance of lung CT scans has been finally revealed emphasizing the effective role of CT in saving lives. Doctors at Westside Medical Associates of Los Angeles and Westside Medical Imaging in Beverly Hills, California have declared that annual lung CT screening could significantly save lives.

CT is essential for early detection of lung cancer.

This study should put an end to the controversy regarding the benefits of lung CT screening in saving lives, as Drs. Norman Lepor and Hooman Madyoon, co-directors of imaging at Westside Medical Imaging noted. Lepor explained the importance of CT screening: "We have argued for some time that this is a life saving examination and have offered it to our patients. It is clear that in patients at risk, particularly those who have smoked for over 10 years, this is an indispensable part of your annual examination since cure rates are over 90% if the cancer is identified in the early stages with CT imaging, and only 10% if one waits to see an abnormality on a chest x-ray, which is the most commonly used screening exam in doctors' offices."

Dr. Elliot Kolin, Westside Medical Imaging's Chief of Radiology, highlighted that all studies performed at the center are read in a workstation with 3-D capabilities and that the radiologist is highly professional at evaluating chest CT's. He added: "Not every imaging center takes the time and effort to review all lung CT studies with three-dimensional viewing as is the case in our center." The center also uses low radiation, Green Imaging® protocols with 64 slice CT which is the best imaging approach. It minimizes radiation exposure with preservation of image quality, so weighting risks and benefits comes in favor of performing the screening. Dr. Christine Berg of the National Cancer Institute, said: "This is the first time that we have seen clear evidence of a significant reduction in lung cancer mortality with a screening test in a randomized controlled trial."

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