Toshiba presents its modified CT scanning systems

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There is an increasing need on reducing radiation exposure while improving the quality of produced images. Cardiac Toshiba_Logoimaging is one of the procedures requiring attention, since the procedure depends on high doses and longer examination times.To meet that need, Toshiba announced that it had made software improvements on its Aquilion ONE and Aquilion Premium CT systems. These improvements aim to reduce radiation exposure, while enhances efficiency, and offers high-leveled and qualified images.

The new ONE Beat Prospective Reconstruction decreases radiation doses by nearly 21% and even reduces the time of the procedure. The Real Time Beat Control is calculating the running real time average heart rate to accurately estimate the next heart beat for a more precise scans. This will be useful especially for patients suffering from arrhythmia or unstable heart rates. The SUREStart feature can organize contrast uptake resulting in more accurate images. Hence, it enhances image quality and reduces the contrast dose.

Toshiba’s Aquilion ONE dynamic volume CT has 320-detector rows and is capable of scanning a whole organ in a single pass. Moreover, it produces 4D videos previewing an organ's details including structure, movement, and blood flow. The Aquilion Premium is developed to ensure clinical accuracy and safety. Toshiba has supplied it with 160-detector rows system to produce images of up to 8 cm of anatomy in a single gantry rotation and can be used on patients up to 660 lbs.

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