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GE Healthcare's MAC 800 to help physicians at Vancouver Paralympic Winter games

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GE Healthcare mentioned that the company's portable ECG (electrocardiograph) device, the MAC 800, will be GEinstalled in both Vancouver and Whistler to provide support to physicians offering healthcare to athletes, trainers and visitors during the Vancouver 2010 Paralymipc Winter Games.

GE's MAC 800 received recently a medical device license from Health Canada. The portable MAC 800 has the characteristics of a full size ECG device. Yet it is light since its weight is about seven pounds. MAC 800 offers clear color display and an integrated carrying handle to help medical teams to get immediate information about the overall health status and functions of a patient's heart. MAC 800 will be installed in the Vancouver and Whistler Polyclinics, the Vancouver Paralympic Center, Whistler Olympic Park and at BC Place where both the opening and closing ceremonies will take place.

"GE is committed to improving access to healthcare technologies around the world and this type of innovation can make an immediate impact in providing clinical support to medical teams in Canada," said Peter Robertson, General Manager of GE Healthcare Canada. "The MAC 800's compact size will help medical teams take healthcare support to the patient during the Paralympic Games while still maintaining connectivity to larger clinics and medical institutions." he added.

The MAC 800 has a keypad with a T9 SMS-style mobile phone keypad and rapid access function keys to ensure MAC_800simplified and quick ECG operations. Along with high-leveled ECG analysis, the MAC 800 will help physicians in faster and more effective diagnosis of the patients. MAC 800 offers multiple communication options that meet the needs of several practices. These communication options include LAN, modem, SD card and serial port to archive and transfer ECG data to and from various locations. Moreover, MAC 800 can be connected to several types of EMR solutions through Cardiosoft, GE's cardiology information software system, forming a full digital ECG workflow.

"GE's MAC 800 ECG technology will play a big role in assisting medical care at the Paralympic Games and we are excited to have it on board," said Jack Taunton, chief medical officer of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. He added "Its ability to store, send and analyze ECG data in a variety of ways will provide us the flexibility and connectivity needed to get information, helping to improve access to heart care."

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