Philips Develop Hybrid OR Suite for Cardiac Procedures

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Hybrid OR SuitePhilips and ACC will introduce the Hybrid OR Suite at ACC 2010. Hybrid OR Suite is a solution that combines the equipment needed to perform open and endovascular cardiac procedures. In addition, the Hybrid OR Suite, developed by Philips, will help advance how clinicians attend to patients in cardiac procedures.

What is amazing about Hybrid OR Suite is that it combines the instruments of a traditional operating room with the X-ray, and ultrasound imaging systems and radiation shields of a cath lab.

"Using live 3D TEE ultrasound, we can view the anatomy without incisions or surgery," said Roberto Lang, M.D., director of Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging Labs. "It provides 3D images unlike those from other technology, to help clinicians place therapeutic devices."

Hybrid OR Suite is designed using an advanced 3D architectural planning tool that provides customers with a visual rendering of possible room configurations.

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