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Medtronic seeks approval for a new MRI- compatible pacemaker

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Pacemaker has been one of the most important medical devices since the time it was developed and applied. It has Medtronic_logosaved numerous numbers of lives by pacing heart beats for patients with arrhythmia. Yet, there was a rising caution that patients with pacemakers are not to undergo MRI since MRI waves can affect pacemakers.

Medtronic Inc. has produced a new pacemaker that is compatible with MRI. The new pacemaker has been approved in Europe and now Medtronic is seeking FDA approval in an expert panel on 19 of March. If the pacemaker system gets an approval from the FDA it will be introduced to the market in the United States.

The production of such pacemakers will be the beginning to a new stage of developments of new devices that would be Pacemakercompatible and safe with MRI. "Fifty years ago, no one thought about the use of MRIs and now it's become commonplace," said Dr. David Steinhaus, medical director of Medtronic's cardiac rhythm disease management business. He added: "More and more, these patients who get pacemakers are going to need MRIs, so the ability to do MRIs on these patients will be really important."

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