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Cardiac imaging news Phillipsburg, NJ - November 3, 2011 -INFINITT North America , a leader in image and information management technologies for healthcare, announced today that their Xelis™ Cardiac product has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is now widely available to the North American market. Xelis Cardiac is a 2D, 3D and 4D display and analysis tool for Coronary CT Angiography (CTA) and Left Ventricle Analysis (LVA). It is one of several Advanced Visualization tools for specialized clinical applications that INFINITT markets under the Xelis™ name.

Xelis™ Cardiac can be used as an integrated solution with Infinitt's web-based PACS or as a stand-alone solution, allowing any third-party PACS user to query,view and analyze DICOM studies. According to INFINITT, Xelis™ Cardiac includes three diagnostic modules: Vessel Analysis (VA), Functional Ventricle Analysis (FA) and Calcium Scoring (Ca).

Xelis™ Vessel Analysis:

Xelis Vessel Analysis is a sophisticated software program designed to improve visualization and analysis of coronary arteries, improving detection of abnormalities such as stenosis, soft plaque and aneurysms.

Key Features of VA:

  •     Automatic removal of rib cage, auricle and ventricle
  •     Intelligent detection and labeling of coronary vessel
  •     Vessel boundary extraction
  •     4D VR / MPR display and multi-phase handling
  •     CPR / C-CPR (Curved Planar Reconstruction) for the traced vessels and 90 degree rotation
  •     Stenosis analysis
  •     Soft plaque analysis
  •     Vessel protection from sculpting tool
  •     Exports images and report in MS Word or DICOM Send back to PACS

Xelis™ Functional Analysis

  •     Xelis Cardiac Functional Analysis provides quantitative analysis of heart function. Xelis FA analyzes ventricular volume, Ejection Fraction (EF), Ventricle and Wall Thickness.

Key Features of FA:

  •     Automatic removal of rib cage, auricle and ventricle
  •     Automatic Segmentation of LV Contours in all views (HLA,VLA,SA)
  •     Automatic LV Boundary with manual editing
  •     Auto selection of End Diastole (ED) and End Systole (ES) phases
  •     Bull's Eye View with resulting values
  •     Cardiac Functional Analysis of:
  •     ED/ES Wall Thickness
        ED/ES Wall Intensity
        Wall Thickening
        Wall Motion
  •     Exports images and report in MS Word or DICOM Send back to PACS

About INFINITT North America

INFINITT North America, located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of INFINITT Healthcare, a global company with upwards of 2100 PACS installations worldwide. Infinitt's web-based image and information management solutions include RIS, PACS, Cardiology PACS, Mammo PACS and 3D/Advanced Visualization software operating on a single database ? simplifying workflow, increasing system reliability, and reducing cost and support requirements. For more information, contact Infinitt at marketing@infinittna.com or visit www.infinittna.com.

Media Contact:

Deborah Reed

Marketing Manager

INFINITT North America

Tel.: +1 908 387 6960


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