You are in PORTALS Cardiac Imaging Tom Tec introduces 4D MV-Assessment Software, the New 3D Solution for Mitral Valve Management

Tom Tec introduces 4D MV-Assessment Software, the New 3D Solution for Mitral Valve Management

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Tom Tec Imaging Systems GmbH, a leading provider of software solutions for medical imaging and information management, has announced the introduction of its new 4D MV-Assessment© 2.0 software. Tom Tec is known to be the leading

innovator of cardiac imaging. The new software provides a new combination between the 2D echocardiography strength, and the 3D advantages, it also supports interdisciplinary communication between cardiac Surgeons and cardiologists. The 4D MV-Assessment software helps increasing diagnostic confidence, it is also considered as a communication tool for relating surgeons findings with no need to leave the room for interpretation.

What is special about the new 4D MV-Assessment software?

Using conventional echocardiography cannot provide the precise diagnostic information about valve morphology that can be easily obtained by the new 4D MV-Assessment. For the first time, the new 4D MV-Assessment presents dynamic analysis of the anatomical structures of the Mitral Valve, annulus and the closure line of the two leaflets in a three dimensional model. It also gives comprehensive measurements that help doctors quantify pathological findings. In addition, examination time has been remarkably shortened due to the automated features and a completely revised workflow, which allows delivery of quantitative parameters for the doctor's decision making in 20 seconds. “Current 4D Mitral Valve assessment tools have shown that a static analysis is problematic for reproducibility and communication since the parameters are depending on the chosen heart phase. TomTec`s new 4D MV-Assessment software analyses the whole systolic heart cycle and together with its dramatic improvements in workflow it addresses the needs of cardiologists and surgeons for improved communication and clinical decision making”, said Frank Schlau, TomTec`s Chief Marketing Officer. It is worth mentioning that Tom Tec has recently released the latest version of its 2D Cardiac Performance Analysis.

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