You are in PORTALS Cardiac Imaging IBM And Beijing Goodwill Introduce WiFi-Enabled ECG Monitor In China.

IBM And Beijing Goodwill Introduce WiFi-Enabled ECG Monitor In China.

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IBM and Beijing Goodwill Information and Technology introduced a pioneer all-in-one electronic cardiogram management (ECM) system in China on August 17 to enable physicians to monitor patients' ECG (electrocardiography) data remotely

using WiFi. Sue Green, IBM's manager for software systems solutions, highlighted that the partnership with Beijing Goodwill is an example of IBM's strategy to make technologies in medical facilities available on smart phones, tablet PCs and other wireless devices. He said: "Working with companies like Beijing Goodwill, we've found that there's quite a few ways to extend healthcare beyond the hospital walls." As a leading company for innovative healthcare initiatives, IBM aims to help the medical field achieve high quality care, fewer errors and improve patient outcomes, as well as doctors' ability to predict and prevent diseases. The initiative also includes sharing data efficiently among doctors, patients and insurers.

More about ECM.

The core of the ECM system is IBM's DB2 database and analytics software, which runs on Big Blue's System x server. IBM has optimized System x to handle patients' ECG data. IBM said that The DB2 relational database software enables companies to use advanced analytics to foster medical research, improve diagnosis and treatment, and reduce healthcare expenditure. The ECM system also includes Beijing Goodwill's Electronic Cardiogram professional applications and medical devices, such as Holter systems, treadmill stress machines and patient monitors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease is the first cause of death allover the world. Moreover, the American Heart Association journal "Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes" revealed that death rates from cardiovascular diseases will increase by as much as 73 % in China by 2030. Xia Jun, president of Beijing Goodwill, said: "Together with IBM, our company is leveraging technology to address the No. 1 disease in China and worldwide," he added: "The new ECM system will benefit all physicians and patients by helping to improve the management and care of cardiovascular diseases." In May 2009, IBM started a Healthcare Industry Solutions Lab in China to exploit IT to handle the healthcare challenges in this country. In addition, IBM decided to invest a $100m in health care IT where physicians will work side by side with researchers.

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