A New Cardiac Imaging Technique Designed In UK.

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A new technique for "slicing" 3D cardiac images into sections through the use of computer software has been designed for the first time by a cardiologist in Southampton. UK. The new technique is called multiplane review (MPR) 3D echocardiography. It provides its user with the ability to detect cardiac

abnormalities more precisely than the conventional 2D or the standard 3D images.

Dr Joseph Vettukattil, from Southampton General Hospital, presented his innovative technique at the hospital. He aims to use it to detect cardiac abnormalities existing at birth. He explained "It helps us to cut the virtual heart (the image produced by the MPR 3D echocardiography) and slice it in any place we want, and expose the defects which helps us to understand what is wrong, and what we can do to fix it." Dr Vettukattil is hoping to use his recently-developed technique at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust as a global leading advanced 3D echocardiography procedure.

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