A New Way For Radiation Reduction During Heart CT.

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According to radiology expert from the U.S., healthcare providers are currently developing ways to protect their patients ct_scan_devicefrom exposure to high radiation doses. Dr. Simeon Abramson, lead heart CT radiologist at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, said that the ongoing concerns about the radiation risks of frequently used diagnostic imaging scans made doctors and technicians look for new ways to reduce radiation exposure.

Dr. Abramson and colleagues at the Porter Adventist Hospital have managed to reduce radiation dose during heart CT from what is equal to 100 to 140 chest X-rays to the equivalent of 10 to 30 X-rays. The team succeeded in doing so by turning off the X-ray while stages of the rotation, which target sensitive areas, are taking place. Dr .Abramson commented "We learned that it was possible to use software within our system that allowed us to reduce the radiation exposure in CT heart scans for most of our patients. The quality of the image has not been affected and we know that we are protecting our patients from potential harmful doses."

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