Tunisia Hosts Tunisian-European Cardiology Event

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Tunisia hosted the 7th edition of the Tunisian-European cardiology practice  from 17 to 19 June 2010,Tunisian-European held in El Kantaoui, Hammam-Sousse. This event was taking place due to the continuous growth of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery in Tunisia thanks to the high skills and advanced equipment. Specialists from Tunisia, Arab world, African and European attended the event as they are organized on the initiative of the Association of Teachers of the Faculty of Medicine of Sousse and the Tunisian Society/association of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery. The organizers gave a grant for scientific research in cardiology, with the assistance of laboratories "ADWYA", to Mr. Habib Ahmed, a physician researcher at the cardiology department at the Mongi Slim Hospital in La Marsa.

Tunisia recorded that it has around 350 cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons and 28 departments of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery in public hospital as well as nine private clinics specializing in the management of cardiovascular diseases. The public and private hospitals are equipped with advanced equipment, including 18 units of cardiac catheterization. “The five-year presidential focuses on the updating of a national organization of cardiology aiming at mainstreaming cardiac services at all regional hospitals in and the creation of three poles in Gafsa, Gabes and Jendouba,” said Mr. Mondher Zenaidi, Minister of public health.

Tunisian policy aims to develop a partnership and solidarity with Europe, across all business sectors, including health sector. In addition to that, calls for boosting basic training and restructuring of lifelong learning in the light of advances in the specialty and the intensification of epidemiological control through the setting up of special registers. “The belief that the periodic holding of this conference is likely to offer to specialists, the valuable opportunity for fruitful exchanges of experience and knowledge and strengthening of scientific cooperation and enable them to be constantly in tune with the progress that continues to save cardiology,” said Mr. Mohamed Gueddiche, Minister Advisor to President Ben Ali. “The growth being experienced cardiology in Tunisia and the evolution of knowledge in this sector.”

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