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FDA Is Recommended To Approve Medtronic's First MRI-compatible Pacemaker

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MRI is one of the medical imaging options that have proven significant role for diagnosis of several conditions, ranging Medtronic_logofrom bone and joint injuries till detection of breast cancer in women. MRI provides high quality images accompanied with relatively high safety profile; however, there are patients that are not recommended to undergo MRI; such as patients using pacemakers. Studies mentioned that the magnetic force of MRI can cause serious problems in patients using pacemakers although at least one of every 5 of them will need to undergo an MRI scan at least once during lifetime.

Fortunately, Medtronic, a major medical devices company, has recently produced the first MRI-compatible pacemaker. The patients using these pacemakers are completely able to undergo MRI producers without having any safety concerns. Medtronic has requested an approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States to start providing its new pacemakers in the market. A Food and Drug Administration panel of cardiologists recommended FDA to approve Medtronic's new REVO Surescan pacemaker since it is the first device of its type that can be used while undergoing the high-powered MRI scans. The panel strongly backed the REVO Surescan in a 15-0 vote, according to an agency spokeswoman. However, the FDA is not required to comply with the panel's advice, yet, it usually does.

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