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The Web Access to DICOM persistent Objects (WADO) extension to the DICOM standard was defined jointly with the European


A wide area network (WAN) is a computer network that covers a large geographic area. A WAN is often composed of multiple


A waveform is a measurement of one or more attributes over a period of time.  An example of a waveform is the patte


Data compression is specified as part of the Transfer Syntax. DICOM used to support many different compression algorithm


Most PACS vendors offer Web-based solutions to access images. These consist of a server and a Web-client. Each vendor ha


WW stands for Window Width.  Window Width is a range of grayscale values to be mapped on monitor or printer graysca

Workflow (definition)

As stated by the Workflow Management Coalition, workflow is: "the computerized facilitation or automation of a busi

Abstract Syntax

In DICOM, an Abstract Syntax is a set of rules that are negotiated for exchanging objects. The Abstract Syntax identifie

Access Control

Technical safeguards deal with the implementation of the security measures in the infrastructure, such as the network, t

Access to Radiology Information (ARI)

The Access to Radiology Information (ARI) integration profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.This prof

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