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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a United States government agency that provides medical care to veterans.&nbs

Value Field

A DICOM message can be visualized as a stream of data elements, where each element is made up of four data fields: eleme

Value Length

A DICOM message is encoded in a certain manner using tags, the length indication for each data element, an optional iden

Value Representation (VR)

Value Representations (VR) are format or type definitions for DICOM elements (Attributes). The VR for each data element

Ventriculography Report

Templates are a critical part of Structured Reports (SR); they create order for the infinite number of possible structur


A VLAN (virtual LAN) is a network that uses switches instead of routers to manage segments (subdivisions of a network).


A virtual private network (VPN) is a connection to a LAN that uses (tunnels through) the infrastructure of a WAN (often,


DICOM Verification requires that a device shall be able to verify the existence and state of its configured destinations

Visit Management

DICOM patient management, study management, and visit management were defined as a mirrorof the HL7 protocol. They have


VL (visible light) describes images acquired using devices sensitive to the visible spectrum and that use an external li

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