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Thumbnail imageDuodenal Narrowing/Obstruction
SMA Syndrome
DDX duodenal obstruction 

Tumor – lipoma/sarcoma, leiomyoma/sarcoma, adenoma/carcinoma, met, local organ tumor(pancreas, stomach)
Infection/Inflammatory – acute inflammation/chronic stricture – TB, Crohn, Sprue, PUD, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, pseudocyst, XRT
Congenital – duplication, annular pancreas, duodenal web(progress to intraluminal duo diverticulum), Ladd’s bands, stenosis/atresia, malrotation/volvulus
Vascular – SMA syndrome, hemorrhage, ischemia
Other – intussusception, prolapsed antrum

Ladd’s band
Duodenal leiomyoma

Thumbnail imageThumbnail image


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