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Carcinoid Tumor

  • Findings: soft tissue messenteric mass with calcification, radiating spiculation, and desmoplastic reaction causing angulated bowel displacement and narrowing. Low density adenopathy, hypervascular, vascular encasement, liver and bone mets
  • Most common primary tumor of SB+appendix(40%) Frequency of small bowel tumors Malignant carcinoid>adenocarcinoma>lymphoma>GIST Benign leiomyoma>adenoma>lipoma>hemangioma
  • Carcinoid Syndrome when liver metabolism of serotonin bypassed
    1. Liver Mets
    2. Primary pulmonary or ovarian carcinoid -diarrhea, N/V, flushing, vasomotor instability, fever, asthma
  • 1/3 rule 1/3 SB, 1/3 met, 1/3 multiple, 1/3 have 2nd malignancy
  • DDX: desmoid, retractile messenteritis, lymphoma, TB peritonitis, mets
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