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  • Single pulmonary nodule
  • Intranodular fat characteristics in hamartoma
  • Nodule=2-30mm
  • *Mass >30mm, increased risk for malignancy

Single pulmonary nodule
CT demonstrates fat density within the mass
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2 years later
Interval growth of mass, but still c/w with hamartoma
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  • Absencs of growth over 2 years suggest benign mass
  • Hamartoma can increase in size, as well as granulomas, low grade adenocarcinoma, mets
  • Decrease in size is benign
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Work-up includes

  • CT: Enhancement>20, means high vascularity suggest malignancy. < 15more likely benign
  • Oservation, depending on age of patient, size of lesions, and risk factors (smoking, environmental)
  • BX
  • FDG- PET
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