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Pulmonary Embolism

Acute pulmonary embolism is associated with siginficant morbidity and mortality causing 120,000 deaths/year in United States.


  • Incomplete infarction: hemorrhagic pulmonary edema without tissue necrosis; resolution within days.
  • Complete infraction: tissue necrosis; healing by scar formation

Risk Factors:

  • Immobilization for 72 hours (55% of pts with proven PTE have this risk factor).
  • Recent hip surgery, 40%.
  • Cardic Disease, 30%.
  • Malignancy, 20%.
  • Estrogen Use (prostate cancer, contraceptives) 6%.
  • Prior DVT, 20%.
Imaging and PTE :
  • CT: More than 90% of CT scans are sensetive and specific for large central emboli, less so for peripheral emboli.
  • Angiography: High sensitivity and Specifity. Gold standard for imaging diagnosis.
  • Scintigraphy.


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