Multiple previous 2nd-trimester pregnancy losses
Different patient

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Cervical Incompetence
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  • Image of the cervix in sagittal plane demonstrates spontaneous dilation of the cervical canal
  • Second Image showed changing cervical length with transducer pressure
  • Cervical length is the length of the closed cervix, normally >3 cm

Incompetent Cervix Stages
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  • Diagrams above show progressive funneling of the cervix: “Trust Your Ultrasound
  • Final stage is bulging membrances +/- fetal parts in vagina



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  • Bulging membrances shown above (“hourglass membranes”)
  • Most cases of incompetent cervix are idiopathic, although there is an association with congenital anomalies, prior DES exposure, connective tissue disorders, and trauma [e.g., prior conization]


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