40 year old woman with vaginal bleeding

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Cervical Cancer
Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

Risk Factors: condylomas, multiple sexual partners, sexually transmitted disease

Spread: local invasion of parametrium > lymph nodes > hematogenous spread

Radiographic features:

  • Cervical stenosis with endometrial fluid collections (common)
  • MRI: tumor appears hyperintense with respect to normal uterus on T2W
  • CT: Irregular or poorly defined margines of lateral cervic, prominent soft tissue stranding, obliteration of periureteral fat plane

Staging of Cercal Cancer
Stage 0: Carcinoma in situ
Stage I: Confined to Cervix

  • Stage IA: confined to cervix
  • Stage IB: may extend to uterus

Stage II: Extends beyond uterus but to pelvic wall or lower vargina

  • Stage IIA: extension into upper vargina
  • Stage IIB: parametrial involvement

Stage III: Extension to lower one-third of vagina or pelvic wall invasion with hydronephrosis

  • Stage IIIA: extension into lower vagina
  • Stage IIIB: pelvic wall (hydronephrosis)

Stage IV: Located outside true pelvis

  • Stage IVA: spread to adjacent organs
  • Stage IVB: spread to distant organs

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