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60 year old with palpable mass. Previous mammogram was normal
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Metastatic Disease

  • Multiple well circumscribed masses of varying size
  • Melanoma the most common breast met, others include sarcoma, lymphoma, gastric, and lung
Quality Control Test



  • Darkroom cleanliness
  • Processor quality control
  • Screen Cleanliness
  • Viewboxes & viewing conditions
  • Phantom images
  • Visual checklist assure x-ray equipment is optimal


  • Repeat analysis-determine number & cause of repeat mammos
  • Analysis of fixer retention in film
  • Darkroom fog
  • Screen-film contact
  • Compression

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Phantom Image

This is an image of the ACR phantom showing the various test objects that are visible using screen/film technique. At least four of the fibers. Three of the simulated calcification clusters. And three of the simulated masses should be visible

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