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Saudi Medicare 2010Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rabiah, Opened Saudi Medicare 2010 - The 13th International Healthcare, Hospital Supplies and Medical Equipment Show on April 12, 2010, at the Riyadh International Exhibition Center.

Mohamed Al Hussaini, Deputy General Manager, Riyadh Exhibitions Company, said, "This opens up numerous business and investment opportunities for those involved in the medical devices and services, healthcare insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare education fields which Saudi Medicare 2010 will bring to the table for local, regional and international individuals and groups."

The conference highlighted the Saudi pharmaceutical and medical device markets, challenges, trends and developments within the medical field, as well as assesses prospects within the Saudi consumer healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector.

Among the professional healthcare providers who attended the conference, Royal Philips Electronics showcased many healthcare solutions specially designed to address the needs of patients and healthcare providers in the Middle East.

Philips concentrated on four important areas that would help improving healthcare delivery for patients with cardiac diseases, timely triage discovery to treatment, minimally invasive interventions and connected healthcare solutions in the home for chronic heart patients.

Moreover, there were specialists from Europe, North America, the Middle East, and other parts of the world who acted as speakers of the 4th Medical Devices Scientific Forum and the 1st Radiology Technologists Conference, aiming to improve medical facilities and restructure the management of 218 government hospitals into private enterprises.

They discussed specializations like medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and radiation protection, medical devices technology, its management and the challenges facing those working on it.

In conclusion, the Saudi government supports the development of more medical education facilities, and therefore, it announced that some of these will be available for private sector investment and will seek to create partnerships with leading educational institutions to build the country’s medical education capacities.

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