TechniScan Launches A Clinical Study on 3D Breast Ultrasound Technology, Women's imaging

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TechniScan Women's Imaging: TechniScan Medical Systems launched a clinical study in collaboration with University Medical Center Freiburg, in order to assess clinical utility of TechniScanís warm bath ultrasound (WBU) technology.

The study contrasts TechniScanís WBU images with mammogram, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and hand-held ultrasound, in order to evaluate the ability of WBU in providing comparative diagnostic findings. Medical imaging company Esaote and TechniScan made the research in the development of the WBU system, and it will support TechniScanís efforts in Europe and in Italy. Radiologists involved in the Freiburg study will utilize TechniScanís imaging network, which provides them with the ability to archive, store, and retrieve anonymous WBU images and relevant medical records and will discuss and compare their results with other researchers.

Dave Robinson, chief executive officer at TechniScan, said ďThis scientific database will consist of anonymous mammograms, breast MRIs, and WBU images, along with related pathology and other information, to provide researchers around the world an unprecedented opportunity to study breast cancer.Ē

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