Warm Bath Ultrasound undergoes new clinical trial: Women's Imaging

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Women's Imaging: TechniScan announced today, a new clinical trial in cooperation with University Medical Center Freiburg, Germanyto test TechniScan's Warm Bath Ultrasound. TechniScan's Warm Bath Ultrasound (WBU) system is used in a warm water tank to have 3D images of the breast while patients lay flat on a table.WU

The clinical trial is to be carried out at The University Medical Center Freiburg, one of the most prestigious and reputed hospitals in Europe due to its high clinical capabilities and advanced medical research facilities. The clinical trial will take place at The Breast Examination Center of the Radiology Department of the University, a major regional center for women's health.

About 150 women will undergo the trial. They will be divided into 3 groups, one containing women with normal mammographic findings, second one with women having benign findings and a third group for women with malignant ones. Then, TechniScan's WBU images will be compared against mammogram, MRI and hand held ultrasound images to determine WBU's ability in providing comparative diagnostic findings.

TechniScan's development of WBU was in cooperation with Esaote, an Italian medical imaging company, Esaote will support TechniScan contributions in Europe and Italy. Dr. Luigi Satragno, R&D and strategic marketing general manager of Esaote said "We look forward to seeing the clinical studies results and to a long and productive partnership with TechniScan."

Dave Robinson, chief executive officer at TechniScan, Inc. mentioned that the trial aims to help physicians to study breast cancer, he said "Our vision is to begin to create a database of thousands of anonymous breast images and related data," he added "This scientific database will consist of anonymous mammograms, breast MRIs and WBU images, along with related pathology and other information, to provide researchers around the world an unprecedented opportunity to study breast cancer. The concept is simple, yet revolutionary within the medical system and represents a key competitive advantage of the TechniScan system."

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