You are in WEBCAST Archiving Redundancy and Back-up Strategies as well as PACS Cost Justification

Archiving Redundancy and Back-up Strategies as well as PACS Cost Justification

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Archiving Redundancy and Back-up Strategies as well as PACS Cost Justification

Recent natural disasters as well as unexpected hardware failures at several healthcare institutions have shown that many institutions do not have a proper image archiving redundancy and back-up strategy, causing the images of many patients to be lost. This could have been prevented if those institutions had designed their PACS architecture correctly in the beginning and followed sound policies and procedures for making back-ups. You will learn about different methods for creating redundant archiving strategies and back-ups, typical issues with data migration, as well as the use of proper policies and procedures to ensure your image data is not at risk.

ROI (Return On Investment) used to be of critical importance prior to buying a PACS system. Even though PACS implementations are often justified based on competitive reasons, the ROI is still important. You need to have a realistic expectation of how much a PACS system is going to cost, including the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the PACS system. You will learn from Michael Gray, a true PACS veteran, the major ROI components, including some of the areas that are often overlooked.

This 1 1/2-hour conference will discuss the importance of image archiving redundancy and having a back-up strategy. We will also talk about using ROI (Return On Investment) prior to buying a PACS system.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions during the conference using the chat feature. A 15 minute Q & A session will take place after each presentation.

The speakers for this conference will be Herman Oosterwijk, president of OTech Inc. and Michael Gray, principal of Gray Consulting. Mr. Oosterwijk has been involved with healthcare standardization for over 20 years and teaches and publishes extensively on this subject. Mr. Gray has nearly twenty-five years of experience directly related to PACS. Michael has a deep understanding of the technology of PACS and he has learned along the way, how radiology departments work. He has facilitated the transition to PACS for many of his clients in the healthcare industry. He has published extensively on this subject and is one of the true PACS "gurus".

Archiving Redundancy and Back-up Strategies
Herman Oosterwijk
PACS Cost Justification
Michael Gray

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