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SENIOR VETERINARY TECHNICIAN- Foster Hospital for Small Animals

ID : 190 - ADVERTISED : 2010-03-09 - CLOSING DATE : 2037-07-25
LOCATION : Grafton,United States   COUNTRY : United States
EDUCATION LEVEL : Bachelors Degree  

Company Profile :
Job Description :

The Section of Radiology provides clinical support to the Foster Hospital for Small Animals, the Hospital for Large Animals and academic support of the teaching mission of the Department of Clinical Sciences.

Job Qualification:

The Senior Veterinary Technician:

  • Provides technical support for clinical cases in the Small Animal Radiology section with support to other areas within the section as needed;
  • Assists in student teaching;
  • Provides quality Radiology service to a variety of clinicians with clinical cases and research projects;
  • Provides baseline guidance to the House Officers and orientation regarding Radiology equipment, policies and procedures;
  • Oversees the day to day operation of the PAC (Picture Archiving and Communications) system, including system availability, function and backup, troubleshooting, database reconciliation and integrity;
  • Trains new staff on the use of the PACs system, including students, staff, clinicians and faculty,
  • Works closely with the IT section and Kodak Co. to ensure system availability and security;
  • Monitors any new installations of software and equipment.

Basic Requirements: High School Diploma or the equivalent with minimum 3 years related experience. Working knowledge of Windows operating systems and applications including Word, Excel and Power Point. SAH and LAH Database Systems. Familiarity with all diagnostic imaging equipment with the emphasis on small animal radiology and the PACs system. May be required to learn equipment in other modalities within the section of Radiology. Ability to lift 50 lbs. Requires excellent animal handling and restraint skills for both the small and large animal hospitals.

Preferred Qualifications: Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology or related field. Previous supervisory experience 2-4 years. CVT. Strong computer background and experience in related Radiology disciplines including the workflow of a Radiology section. Ability to be effective with both oral and written communication. Ability to plan and coordinate multiple activities and adapt to changes. Strong interpersonal skills, take initiative, and demonstrate flexibility, helpfulness and maturity. Ability to be self-motivated, organized and cooperative with a strong interest in team effort and a desire to teach. Ability to prioritize patient care within a high caseload. Previous experience in veterinary radiology preferred.

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