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Radiology Equipment Specialist Dallas

ID : 163 - ADVERTISED : 2010-03-08 - CLOSING DATE : 2037-07-24
LOCATION : Dallas,United States   COUNTRY : United States
EXPERIENCE LEVEL : More than 5 years   POSITION TYPE : Full Time
EDUCATION LEVEL : Associate Degree  

Company Profile :
Job Description :
The responsibilities for the Radiology Equipment Specialist (RES) include, servicing various types of diagnostic imaging equipment.? The RES will be responsible for both preventive and corrective maintenance according to hospital po
Job Qualification:

The RSE will serve in a consultative role, as well as a knowledge resource for Medical staff, clinical staff, clinical supervisors/?managers and work collaboratively with the Medical Physics Department


  • Requires an Associates degree (or equivalent work experience) in one of the following disciplines: Biomedical Equipment Technology, Electronics, or related field.
  • Position requires 5+? years experience servicing diagnostic imaging equipment, specifically diagnostic x-ray equipment.? Experience with GE and/?or Siemens systems is preferred.
  • Excellent customer communication skills and the ability to be self-directed are a must.? The successful applicant must be able to travel to the various facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
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