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Radiology Service Manager

ID : 102 - ADVERTISED : 2010-03-03 - CLOSING DATE : 2037-07-19
LOCATION : New Malden,United States   COUNTRY : United States
EDUCATION LEVEL : Masters Degree  

Company Profile :
Job Description :
Company:  RHL

Job Qualification:

Centre Utilisation
  • To facilitate the achievement of Centre targets for utilisation, including scheduling of available Consulting rooms and diagnostics/treatments
  • Continuing responsibility on a 24-hour basis for the effective management and progressive development of a high quality and customer responsive service
  • To liaise with Consultant medical staff and other clinicians in the provision of the service, develop working relationships and recognizing and responding to their changing needs
  • To work with the Consultants both clinically and administratively, in order to ensure positive outcomes for all patients
  • To liaise with The Groves Medical Centre staff to provide a seamless patient journey
  •  To be responsible for the development of key initiatives to maximise productivity i.e. innovative ways of scheduling and use of appropriate Information Technology
Budget Management
  • Working with the CFO and CNO, take the lead in the formulation and monitoring of labour productivity and workforce planning, ensuring integration with the business planning cycle, and the optimal deployment of the clinical and administrative workforce
  • To manage and lead the Patient Admin Staff and Superintendent for the Centre, offering guidance and support on financial, operational and professional issues, ensuring consistency throughout the Centre
  • To be responsible for the achievement of unit of service measures
  • To co-ordinate the Consulting room and Diagnostic/ Treatment services delivered cost effectively
  • To maximise revenue and to achieve the Centre business plan
  • Active participation in the annual preparation of the Centre budget
Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • To participate in any customer care activities addressing sources of complaints and implementing action plans
  • To monitor the patient satisfaction returns and develop actions as appropriate to review the service
  • To lead development of research-based and customer-sensitive practices and to initiate and maintain clinical and administrative procedures in line with agreed policy
  • To lead on staff training within the Centre, ensuring a good educational environment and teaching on a need basis
  • To support the hospital management team in achieving the established goals in return and evaluation of the patient satisfaction, staff and consultant opinion surveys
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