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GCC Countries to Pioneer the Implementation of Integrated Digital Hospitals

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HBI  ME 2013 ExhibitionHealthcare delivery systems and technology within digital hospitals to be discussed at Architect’s Congress in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, May 13, 2014 -  Technology improves the efficacy of communication between hospital care givers in order to ensure the quality of patient care.

This is essential given the often complex and multifaceted nature of the tasks associated with care delivery and planning in healthcare environments.

Healthcare institutions in the GCC are now transforming into digital hospitals in order to facilitate healthcare delivery, ultimately ensuring the quality and safety of the care that their patients receive.

Speaking at the Architect’s Congress during the Hospital Build & Infrastructure Middle East Exhibition & Congress from 2-4 June 2014 in Dubai, UAE, Mr Mounir Marhaba, Program Director, King Khalid Medical City, Saudi Arabia, will deliberate the emergence of digital hospitals in the GCC and whether the region is ready to embrace the technology available.

According to Mr Marhaba, “The GCC is investing heavily in its healthcare services infrastructure and the region stands poised to take full advantage of becoming the pioneer in implementing integrated digital hospitals.

Even if the vision, know-how, and financial investments are in place, the road to excellent patient care will not be cheap. The development of digital hospitals is becoming more of a critical reality than a luxury.”

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