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Managed Equipment Services Success Recognized with Siemens Champions Award

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siemens logoSIEMENS, UK, July 7, 2013 - Siemens Healthcare's Managed Equipment Services (MES) team has been recognized with a Silver Champions Award from Siemens UK for its work in rapidly and effectively setting up an Imaging Infrastructure Support Service (IISS) at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

The award was primarily secured by Trevor Mason, MES Regional Support Manager at Siemens Healthcare who was responsible for the initial delivery of excellent levels of customer service and establishing a robust set of processes for the large-scale 13 year project.

The Champion Awards are designed by Siemens to reward remarkable work across all sectors of the business which includes Healthcare, Energy, Infrastructure & Cities and Industry, based on its core values of Responsibility, Excellence, Innovation and Zero Harm.

Trevor Mason spent three months at the Suthampton site while permanent staff were recruited, ensuring the MES contract was set up operationally to an excellent standard from the outset.

The implementation of the IISS by Siemens was deemed to have demonstrated detailed knowledge of the hospital's requirements and objectives.

Trevor Mason and the MES team's expertise served to support the Trust in preparing to boost capacity and patient throughput with the planned refresh and / or addition of 138 imaging systems and managing the related maintenance, provision, replacement and training for the life of the contract.

"Trevor was the right person, in the right place at the right time.

His expertise and professionalism really impressed the IISS team and the radiology management team as a whole," said Aaron Hutchison, IISS Project Lead & Program Manager at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

"Trevor and the Siemens initial implementation team have ensured that this 13 year partnership has got off to the best possible start."

"Using our expertise in setting up and managing large-scale MES partnerships, we rapidly mobilized experienced and dedicated staff to get the IISS running in a short space of time.

This was achieved at the same time as ensuring patient and customer satisfaction was not compromised," said Nancy West, Head of Business Development, Managed Services at Siemens Healthcare.

"Siemens assumes the key risks thereby reducing operational, technological and financial uncertainties for the Trust.

We also had responsibility for the build works, meaning the Trust has had time to focus valuable resources on other areas from the outset."

Siemens UK recently won a Gold Award for its Champions Scheme, under the category of 'Employee Recognition' at the prestigious Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards 2012.

The Champions program was awarded for its efforts in ensuring that Siemens values of a Responsible, Excellent, Innovative and Zero Harm culture and approach are embedded throughout the Siemens UK organization.

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