Breast Cancer Arabia Golf Morning

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Making the breast cancer journey easier for women living in Arabic countries, through reliable and accurate information

Dubai, UAE – 24th April, 2011: Breast Cancer Arabia is a free interactive internet portal that provides women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer the information and support that they will need. This is high quality information about breast cancer and its treatment, information about the cancer centers where they can go and get treatment and an online community support system.

We held our first fundraising event, a golf morning, on the 24th April at the Emirates Golf Club, our main sponsor The Meydan. The day was a huge success and we received tremendous support from all of our sponsors, including Shape, our official magazine sponsors and the players themselves. Money raised will go towards helping to fund breast cancer treatment for women who cannot afford it and for medical staff who wish to become specialized in the treatment of breast cancer.

When a woman gets the diagnosis of breast cancer she needs three things: high quality information about breast cancer and its treatment, a specialized place to get the right treatment and a support system. Breast Cancer Arabia provides these three things. Our Cancer Centre Register will list specialist hospitals and clinics across Arabia which provide the treatment that she will need. The online interactive forum and community can form a vital part of her support system – putting her in touch with other women in the Arab world who have the same diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Arabia is a critically important regional initiative and will impact all 22 countries of the Arab League of Nations. It is an inclusive initiative and is for all women who live and work in the Arab world.

The Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation
and the work that it will perform, which is to pay for treatment for those women with breast cancer who cannot afford it and provide online training courses for doctors and nurses who wish to become specialised in the treatment of breast cancer.

To find out more or get involved visit our website or to show your support, go to


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